Radiating the brilliance of the sea 

Mother-of-pearl weaved into silk with a traditional Japanese method
A new, exquisite creation by TAMIYA RADEN


Rays of light that pour into the sea shift along with the movement of water on the swaying surface or as they permeate underwater.


The unique fluctuation, shimmer, and seven-colored beams of light excite us, soothe us, even envelope us with a sense of happiness—captivate us.


When the surface of a shell is polished, a deep glisten emerges. It's as though the shellfish collected and condensed all the light at the bottom of the sea. 


Fascinated by the glow, in the late 1970s, our workshop succeeded in making threads out of the polished shells and weaving them into fabric by applying a traditional Japanese weaving technique.


The weave is known today as raden-ori (woven mother-of-pearl).

Since the birth of this method, we have continued to produce high-end obi for kimonos.

The obis that we have produced have received high acclaim, including the imperial family. In recent years, we have also developed garment textiles, collaborating with numerous luxury brands throughout the World.


Now, applying our original method and experience accumulated over the years, we introduce a new range of unique products to the World—from Tango, a city of the sea.

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