How to clean
If it gets dirty, moisten it with water and tap it gently with a tightly squeezed cloth. Do not use drugs such as solvents.
Avoid high -temperature and humidity, direct sunlight, and store in a well -ventilated place.

・ Washing water is not possible (to prevent deformation, deterioration, fading, damage to materials)

・ This product uses a very delicate thread and fabric. Please note that the fabric may be damaged if strong friction or load is applied due to the nature of the material.

・ Please note that the leather part may be discolored and transferred due to wetness, sweat, friction, etc.

・ The color of the screen and the color of the product may differ depending on the customer's browsing environment.


TAMIYA RADEN ONLINE SHOP offers a repair service in order to use the product for a long time.
We will check the status of the goods at our workshop, and if it can be repaired, we will accept it free or for a fee. The shipping fee will basically be borne by the customer.
Please let us know in detail the contents of the repair request to the following email address If you attach a photo, you can get an estimate more accurately. In addition, please describe the following information at the time of ordering to confirm the customer.

(1) Name

(2) Address

(3) Phone number

(4) Ordered product name

(5) Purchase location: (example) TAMIYA RADEN Online Shop xx department store, etc.